Tips & Tricks with Composer

I'll be updating this post with new tips and tricks about composer as my personal list of useful commands and configurations. Install composer package globally composer »

How to show all invisible characters in a string like \n or \r\n

As the stackoverflow question said: To see all the invisible characters not only \r, \n etc... It's good to see json_encodeed version and everything is »

How to create your own Faker Provider, vCards is gonna be! :)

Basically I need a way to generate vCards fake's ones to seed my database and test my API, we are using under the hood the new »

How to install PHP Code Sniffer + PHPStorm

This post will help us to keep our code clean under the coding standard PSR2, highlighting on our IDE in this case PHPStorm all the mistakes »

Standardize labels between GitHub repos

Don't need to explain what is this post about the title explain it pretty well. Just few tips: Issue labels that already exist on the repo, »

How to install a composer new dependency without updating old ones

We just need to add our new/package to our composer.json file and run the following command: composer update new/package source »

Laravel Seed and Migrate data

To start with this we should first have a configuration for or database First of all we'll need to install the migration table before anything, just »

How to solve Peer certificate CN not matching in PHP with CakePHP

If you are dealing with this error: Error: stream_socket_client(): Peer certificate CN=`*' did not match expected CN=`*' It's because PHP »

How to sniff our CakePHP code with Eclipse

First of all we have to follow three of my previous posts where we installed PHP, PEAR, CodeSniffer, CakePHP Sniff and Eclipse PHP Plugins. How to »

How to sniff our CakePHP code on Mavericks

First of all we have to have installed on our system PHP using homebrew you can follow my post PHP on Mavericks with Homebrew to accomplished »