How to install a composer new dependency without updating old ones

We just need to add our new/package to our composer.json file and run the following command: composer update new/package source »

Command not found on AWS EC2 when npm

If you are on a AWS EC2 instance and you're trying to install some package using npm: sudo npm install -g nodemon And see the following »

Locate libraries in Linux

This command is not only for look libraries into our system it could be use to find files too. I personally used it because I need »

Checking shared library dependencies on Linux

We can check the library dependecies related with an application using the following command: ldd OUR_APPLICATION And the ouput will be something like this: So »

Loads RVM into a shell session on Ubuntu 13.10

Every time you need to use RVM from the command line you need to run this command: source $HOME/.rvm/scripts/rvm To initialises the ruby »