How to keep Things synced with Dropbox

Follow the steps belows to keep your Things database synced between your computers. With a fresh instalation of Things, do the following: Create a synced folder »

Tips & Tricks with Git

I'll be updating this post with new tips and tricks about git as my personal list of useful commands and configurations. Rename file git mv --force »

How to create your own Faker Provider, vCards is gonna be! :)

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How to config Homestead to debug our Laravel projects with Xdebug

If we are looking for debug our Laravel's code when using Homestead this is your post. There are out there a few goods guides to achieve »

How to install PHP Code Sniffer + PHPStorm

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How to Route Model Binding Injection through a Middleware with Laravel

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Nginx cache directory error

I just want to write down an error that I came through the other day, I could say this is one of that kind, stupid errors, »

How to tweak your URLs without lost old references with Ghost

We basically need to rewrite every request to remove the date from our URL. This is an example: »

Regex select all between something

For this example we are going to select everything in between " plus id=, just because what I'm trying to achieve is remove/clean my HTML code »

Standardize labels between GitHub repos

Don't need to explain what is this post about the title explain it pretty well. Just few tips: Issue labels that already exist on the repo, »