How to first steps with Moltin API


This constitutes a series of blogs about the Moltin API, an incredible eCommerce > API for developers, using powerful & flexible building blocks with no steep learning curve.

This will be a very simple post explaining how to start with our first Moltin's shop, how to register on their site and how to create our first store and grap the client credentials to be able to start sending data to their API.


I'm assuming that you wanna build an eCommerce site and you need to be guide through the registration steps, first steps to create our first store and you are a developer.

First step

Create an account

The first thing we'll need to do is create an account on Moltin's website, so go to an create your first store on the system.

You will be asked for few data as First and Last Name, Email and Password

After that you'll be asked for more details but however if you don't wanna provide that information at this stage you can just skip this step and go directly to your account details.

Second step

Grap the store's credentials

Once we have an account created we need to login into the system and go to the account overview to grap our store's credentials.

Notice: You'll have by default an store already created for you.

And last grap the Client ID and Cliend Secret that you'll need to access to Moltin's API.

Follow the next tutorial to know how to authenticate agaist Moltin's API and do our first request.