How to Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection (CSRF) on Sails.js 0.10

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Team's Sails explain on csrf.js file, very good what's the meaning and the achieve of using CSRF on our project.

When enabled, all non-GET requests to the Sails server must be accompanied by a special token, identified as the '_csrf' parameter.

This option protects your Sails app against cross-site request forgery (or CSRF) attacks.

A would-be attacker needs not only a user's session cookie, but also this timestamped, secret CSRF token, which is refreshed/granted when the user visits a URL on your app's domain.

To activate we just have to change the value on config/csrf.js to true.

And to use it we just have to send it on every request we'll made to our server, for example adding this hidden field on every POST form request:

<form action="/user/create" method="POST" class="form-signin">
    <input type="hidden" name="_csrf" value="<%= _csrf %>" />

If you need more info about how to use Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection just check the file csrf.js they explain as weel how to use it in our AJAX request.